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Metrocard Swipe Soars Again

The MTA has released new plans to raise the price of subway fares. Katie Engesser breaks down the new card costs and explains why the fares are rising despite a reported MTA cash surplus.

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Metro Card + Money magic with Dan Sperry in NYC

Learn more: Taking the train in NYC with only cash and no Metro Card kiosk in sight…sometimes this happens when trying to ride the subway… Follow Dan: Join Dan:

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How to buy a MetroCard

Purchasing a MetroCard is your first step to getting around on subways and buses. You can buy a MetroCard at subway stations, from either automated machines (which accept cash, ATM bank cards and regular credit cards) or booth attendants (cash only). Note that NYC’s subway fare system is not based on distance traveled—it is pay-per-ride, […]

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NYC Subway – ‘Metrocard’.

Was lucky enough to drive coast to coast USA (2009) so had numerous must see places. NYC of course is a must! The subway was fast and efficient. A 2 week adult unlimited metro card (including busses) was AUD …a total bargain I reckon

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NYC MetroCard Balance Tracker App Keep track on your MetroCard Balance so you know when to refill your MetroCard. NYC MetroCard Balance Tracker app keeps track on your MetroCard Balance so you know when to refill your MetroCard. Currently the only way to check your balance and see how many fares you have left is at a turnstile or […]

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Watch New Yorkers Struggle With The MetroCard Swipe

We captured the quintessential NYC struggle of MetroCard swiping. Shot by Jessica Leibowitz and Emily Siegel Edited by Jessica Leibowitz Produced by Jen Carlson and Jessica Leibowitz MORE GOTHAMIST FILMS Youtube: Dailymotion: GOTHAMIST ACROSS THE WEB Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Google+:

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What METRO CARD do I need for SUBWAYS in NYC?

Learn the different types of metro cards you can purchase to travel on the NYC subways and buses. There are two types offered: unlimited cards, which allow you to travel as much as you want every 15 minutes, and pre-paid cards which you can load up with value. Also, if you want to navigate the […]

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How to Use a New York City Subway MetroCard

Using a the New York City Subway MetroCard is very easy to do. In this tutorial, Katherines demonstrates the proper way to use the MetroCard. Read more on getting around New York City at

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Which New York City Subway Metro Card to Buy

Should you buy a pay-per-ride or an unlimited New York City Subway MetroCard? Watch this video for tips on which to buy and how to buy them at the vending machines. Check out the full article on Free Tours by Foot’s website at

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NYC: How to buy a Metrocard

@alternozzz The unlimited metrocard can only be used for one person at a time, but the pay-per-ride card can be used for up to four people at a time. I didn’t know that, but that’s what the MTA site says:

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