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MTA Solution to NYC Subway Congestion Will Make Trains Twice as Fast

MTA has come up with a way to make subways in New York faster. No more funny subway moments, New York’s subway will be too fast…and bloody. PrettyGoodVideos – Good stuff to know. MTA is always working hard to make the NYC subways faster. New Yorkers are hard workers, and they hate being late […]

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Commuter Pushed To Her Death In Front Of New York Subway Train

New York police arrested a woman accused of pushing an unsuspecting commuter in front of a subway train as it arrived at a busy Times Square train platform on Monday, killing the victim as bystanders watched in horror. The victim was shoved onto the tracks of a southbound No. 1 train at about 1 p.m. […]

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⁴ᴷ NYC Subway Timelapse – The Queens-bound 7 Line

The 7 line is a heavily used line of the New York City Subway, providing local service along the full length of the IRT Flushing Line. It operates between Main Street in Flushing, Queens and 34th Street – Hudson Yards in Chelsea, Manhattan. Taken on January 5th, 2016. The raw, real-time speed footage:… Music: […]

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Man Sings Rihanna On NYC Subway

Who needs instruments when you can use a walking stick that good he is amazing 🙂 Singer: Jamel Wright ===================== Lyrics ========================= Let’s talk about those celebrities The one you watchin’ on the TV. Even the ones you listening too on the radio Pay 150 just to see a show.. But the one thing i […]

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The New York Subway Signs Experiment

In NYC, subway conductors have to point at a black and white sign to prove that they’re paying attention. They do it at every hour, at every stop. It’s kind of silly, so we decided to make their day. Signs: • You are not wearing pants right now • You have taken a selfie while […]

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New York City Subway HD EXCLUSIVE: Bombardier R62A 7 Train Roundtrip Railfan (Express and Local)

EDIT 5: Re-shot this exact run to include the new 34th Street – Hudson Yards extension: Outbound Express (, Inbound Local ( EDIT 4: Re-shot these runs and more in higher quality (1080p & 60FPS): PLEASE READ FIRST: Here is the 7 train in both directions; the Flushing Bound Express, and then the Times […]

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