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Create a Print Ready Business Card in Adobe Illustrator from Start to Finish

This is an extra-long Illustrator tutorial that will show you how to create a business card in Adobe Illustrator from start to finish, and get it ready for printing.

You need a business card printed – maybe you don’t have a logo yet – but you have Illustrator and Photoshop and you need to get started. This tutorial will show you how to set up and design your card, and also how to prepare it for printing with any printer you choose. I cover CMYK, high resolution images and Bleed in this tutorial as well as offer a few design tips as we go to help you have a professional, finished look.

Remember: Business cards with bleed must be sized 3.625 x 2.125 for any printer. They must be CMYK (not RGB) and include high resolution (300 dpi) photographs.

The stock image used in this tutorial can be downloaded here for FREE: http://morguefile.com/archive/#/?q=cupcakes
along with many other free, high quality photos.

Thanks so much for watching! You can find many more quick tutorials for Illustrator and Photoshop on my website: http://oneminutedigital.com/

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19 comments on “Create a Print Ready Business Card in Adobe Illustrator from Start to Finish”

  1. Phil M says:

    Hi by following these steps will it lead to the business card being printed front and back, all in one piece?

  2. Martina Thomas says:

    Thank you! The best tutorial!

  3. Mr FairyCake says:

    Thanks. Great video

  4. Streetjunkeez says:

    Excellent job – I've been in the printing industry for 25 years, best video. I'd love to see a tutorial on Fonts – envelope / reshaping – you explain very well thank you.

  5. Sohail Wazir says:

    the best tutorial on business card. thanks too much ma"am. fully detailed from begining untill print ready file. congratulation.

  6. Angel Moreno says:

    where are the crop marks though? I did all the settings correctly.

  7. Chris Houkal says:

    finally, an illustrator tutorial with narration! thanks for this

  8. tahir7896 says:

    Hi Great Tute, to the point anyone can design personal business card, but I am, little bit confuse about the bleed line is it 3mm with 2mm margin.

    Also Do you have any Tute on flyer.


  9. Doug Kendall says:

    HI great information. I however can not get the embed clickable on my AI. It is there but not one of the items I can click on and make the image embed as you show in your lesson. HELP!!

  10. Techni Smart says:

    I saved the image as TIFF, but I want it transparent to go on a solid background. The image has white background. Do I have to remove background. Can you do a tutorial on this please? Why is TIFF better?

    Awesome channel.

  11. Kasandra Mathieson says:

    Thank YOU!!! What a wonderful video….you were clear, concise and so easy to follow! I learned lots from you in this video…I'm definitely subscribing and going to check out your other ones!!

  12. Gary Frost says:

    Just found your tutorial, and as a newcomer to AI, but long time user of PS, I found your tips for print settings most valuable, especially the "bleed" explanation. The penny finally dropped – I've been "bleeding" the wrong way! Doh! Both myself and my local print shop will be forever grateful to you!

  13. Marko Slijepčević says:

    great tutorial!

  14. Muhammad Nouman says:

    Best tutorial ! Thank you very much for such detailed explanation !

  15. Stéphane Lardy says:

    why didn't set the bleeding directly when you opened your new document? Is the best way to do it the way you did it about the bleeding?

  16. arvin box says:

    the best tutorial……….the best way to teach something…….explained in detail start to end..i really like it n it helped me

  17. karim hamuda says:

    Nice tutorial, the way you explain ,it makes everything clear ,we'll done and thank you for sharing this skills.

  18. Jabriel Woodall says:

    This doesn't address how to print the business cards after it is made into a pdf file. Basically what options to choose when actually printing the cards on business card stock paper. How do you tell the printer to print your business card in tiles perfectly on the card paper? etc. So I would say she kind of fail in providing that info. Hopefully she or someone explains this last method.

  19. 10xTnTRevolution says:

    Awesome I Really liked your clip! I hope we can be Mutual supporters Keep making Videos? #10xTnTrevolution

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