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How To Create Your Own Business Cards! Make An Impression

Today’s episode will cover all the techniques you need to make a great business card for your photography! To get started make sure you select an image that best represents your work. A business card is often someone’s first impression of you and your portfolio, so make sure its a great one!

Check out the full post at: http://phlearn.com/easily-create-your-own-business-card-5

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12 comments on “How To Create Your Own Business Cards! Make An Impression”

  1. Mike Burley says:

    Aaron I am a graphic designer. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…. Do not send people to get "cheap" logos. If you pay very little money for a logo that is what you will get. It's like the old saying goes "You pay for what you get" Pay a little more for something that will make you look good on your marketing supplies.

    I have tried the $50 logo thing as a test so I could tell my clients and what I came up with was less than what I expected. I even told them what and who i was and to give me some of their best work. What I got was what I paid for.

  2. Kent Olinger says:

    Spell Check: Lincoln

  3. Manish Arora says:

    but how to take the print in 4*6 or A4 page.?

  4. Mike Hughes says:


  5. BreeKelly Productions says:

    I dont't understand how to make the back part. can someone please explain???

  6. Ala Michuvapes says:

    Fiverr.com 😀

  7. Leinz B says:

    what haven't you done a tutorial for lol. feels like I'm super late in the game. awesome job btw

  8. John Boodoo says:

    Upwork, u can use here…

  9. justinspirational says:

    Thank you Aaron..are there any recommended affordable printing services you recommend for printing the cards once done?

  10. Deneb Catalan says:

    dude, my phone won't stop ringing!!!

  11. Steven Wolles says:

    Thank you for all those video's!
    I just discovered Phlearn for like 2 weeks now.. I'm watching all the movies and try to add it on my portfolio!
    I look at my pictures on a totally different way now, I also deleting a lot of pictures I dislike after seeing all the tutorials and tips!

  12. Arthur Young says:

    I really appreciate you for your help. I cannot afford much now so this free help is a big help. Thank you so much!!

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