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5 Best HTML Editors for Free

The HTML editor gives you not only provide you with good service but also give you peace of mind. Even its master coder allows you to write the codes all day long. The best part is that it helps you to catch errors that save your time to manually check the hundreds of lines. Here we have compiled a list of best HTML editors that can handle the multiple languages including PHP and CSS. These editors give you more options if you need to diversify with your web developing and web design skills.

5 Best HTML editors for free


NetBeans is a great HTML editor that helps you to develop strong web applications. It is actually java IDE. This editor doesn’t work like other web editor functions due to the steep learning curve. It is a very useful web editor once you use it. This editor has amazing features included in the IDE. These features are beneficial for those who are working in a big development environment with the developer collaboration features. It is incredibly perfect too when you are going to write web pages and Java.

Aptana Studio

Aptana Studio provides you best webpage development and allows you to build large internet application using JavaScript, HTML and other elements. This editor may not suitable for simple web developing and web designing. On the other hand, Aptana Studio is an amazing tool if you are searching for large web application development.

Ultra Edit

UltraEdit is high quality best HTML editor that is the great fit for both web developers and corporate enterprises. This HTML editor offers the developers to create mobile applications and websites. This editor is also compatible with the wide range of multiple coding languages such as Perl, ASP, PHP, HTML, and JavaScript. This software comes with 30 days free trial and money back guarantee and that way you can test it before its purchase for cost$99.95. It is also available for major operating systems including Mac, Windows, and Linux. You can also explore various standalone products that UltraEdit offers from time to time.


EditPlus provides you good HTML editor for Windows that helps the web developers for FTPS, FTP, and SFTP experiences. This editor is also best substitute to Notepad with the variety of features including JavaScript, Java, C/C++, VBScript, Ruby on Rails, syntax highlighting for HTML, ASP, VBScript, and CSS. You can get its free trial for 30 days with a money back guarantee. After one month trial, you need to buy a license for $35 that is available for a single user only.

Sublime Text:

Sublime Text is one of the best and advanced HTML editor that is a great fir for codes’ markup and text editing. It comes with numerous robust editing tools such as split editing and multiple selections. You can change multiple codes at a time using multiple selections. On the other hand, split editing allows you to edit the pair of files at once. This software is compatible with Windows, Linux, and iOS. You can test it before purchase by its free trial but you need to purchase its license for continued use for $80.


Choose any best HTML editor out of them and create your website and internet applications. Leave a comment and let us know which one you will choose for your next project.