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Psychological Functioning of Listening music

Music works as an autonomic nervous system (ANS) which is the part of the brain nervous system which is responsible to control our heartbeat, brain function, and blood pressure. It is also responsible for the limbic system in the part of the brain which controls the feeling and emotions. All of these are sensitive to the music.

How it effects on the body:

When the slow rhythms of music are played the blood pressure of our body slowdowns our heartbeat which helps us to breathe even more slowly. It reduces our muscle tension in different parts of our body like neck, shoulders, and back. Also gives psychological effects in our body through physical tensions and stress, music also reduces the psychological tension in our brain.

Gives us Relief:

When a person feels the pain they get frightened or frustrated by it or gets angry. Which makes us more tensed up to hundreds of muscles in our body. Listening to music on the regular basis helps our body to get relax mentally and physically and helps to give relief and prevents from back pain. It is an important part of our emotional and physical wellbeing. Listening to music for about half an hour every day prevents from back pain, muscle pain and makes you sleep better.

Which type of music is best?

Classical music is best for us because it helps to give relief from muscle pain. Calms our body with slow music and it also thought to help.

Improvement in Workout:

Listening to music during exercise gives you better ways to work out better in many ways. It enhances the endurance of our mind, boosts our mood and distracts you from any kind of discomfort because music release hormone endorphin’s in us which is produced naturally and lifts our mood to give us the motivation to carry longer time with exercise during your workout. In the exercise, the best type of music for it is music which is high in energy, such as high tempo music or hip-hop or dance music.

Memory Loss:

For many peoples who are suffering from mental issues or from memory loss spoken language become meaningless for them. Music helps patients to remember songs tunes and to get in touch with their history. This all is because the part of our brain will process to music to get located next to the memory. Some peoples who are facing issue with memory loss they respond to the best music of their choice. The follow-on the rule that gives more time to music because music is the key to good health. Music effects more than boosting us it lifts our spirit.

Improves chronic back pain:

It slows down the rhythms which are played, balances our blood pressure and slowdowns our heartbeat which helps us to breathe more slowly. Reduces muscle tension in our different body parts like neck, shoulders, legs, stomach, and back. also, apart from physical stress. Music also reduces psychological tension in our mind. Classical music is best for muscle relief. It calms us, and slow music is also the best way to reduce the pain of any kind .