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Role of a video in internet marketing

In this age of internet marketing, there has been a shift from using still images to videos. These creative videos have the ability to attract a wide range of audience because now it is the most important concept in internet marketing. And, also videos are the most versatile and the most profitable marketing tool in the internet marketing. There are various reasons to use videos as the marketing tool in internet & social media marketingas if video is related to instagram, it can drive more instagram likes and sales.

The first reason is that due to popularity in videos. So to attract a wide range of audience using videos, as the marketing tool will be good, a single creative video on your business website or any social media platform will increase the marketing level. Videos are able to engage the audience very effectively. People like to see good quality videos about the products they like and that surely end up buying the products.

The second reason for using the videos is that videos show a good return on investment. Due to the progress in technology, video making can be affordable. You just have to be a little bit creative in making the content and attracting the audience through that.

The third reason for using videos is that videos have the ability to create a trust between the brand and the consumer. If the video is properly produced and the content is created in such a way to effectively engage the audience, the promotional video can be very effective. If the product that has to be promoted is explained and shown in such a way that it holds the attention of the audience, these videos create a sense of confidence in the buyers to purchase the products.

The fourth reason to use videos as the marketing tool on the internet is that setting up products’ videos on your brand or business website creates more time on the website which, due to the Google’s search engine algorithm, creates the name of your brand or your business to be on the top of the search results. Due to YouTube, these videos surely creates a more impact in taking your brand or your business to the next level. For having your brand on the Google’s top search results, make sure to optimize your videos for SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization. It creates interesting titles and descriptions. Also, it creates a link back to your brand website or social media account.

The fifth reason for using the videos is that video appeals to mobile users as mobiles have surpassed the desktop users. So to attract a wide range of audience, your videos should be optimized for mobile along with the user-friendly interface that can attract the audience in a more effective way.

The sixth reason to use videos is that this marketing tool can explain the entire details of the product in short amount of time, and without taking so much time of the audience who are keen to buy that product. So the good strategy is to keep the video short and informative so that even the laziest buyers are motivated to buy the products.